The Negative Vibes…


Today, in our Apartment whatsapp group (I don’t know how to explain this. Just use your imagination) Mr Dyeria, forwarded a joke. Well he always does but today’s joke was different. As soon as, he sent the message, other person replied “Ha! Purana Hai! (Ha! Old one!)”. The most annoying Mr Dyeria was annoyed by another annoying person, His son, Johndizz, lol. And everyone started making fun of his father. So Mr Dyeria replied “Haan, toh kya hua? Teri maa bhi toh puraani hai, tu uski baatein sunn sakta hai, toh mere joke enjoy kyun nahi kar sakta? (Yeah, so what? Your mom is old too and you still listen to her, then why can’t you enjoy my joke?)” And then Mrs Dyeria started typing. Now I know this is not apartment whatsapp group but more like “Dyeria Family Group” so I quit the group to avoid drama.

I know Mr Dyeria is the most irritating person I’ve ever met and I would never leave a chance to insult him, but this time I did. Yes, I decided to empathize him. I also believe that just because he repeated a forwarded joke, there was nothing wrong in his intentions. He just wanted to make people laugh. Throughout my life, I’ve realized that its very easy to point out mistakes, but at the same time very difficult to point out the positive traits. Now I believe in optimistic approach and discarded pessimistic attitude few years ago (Do I sound like telly shopping over acting models?). I do admit, sometimes I am pessimist, but mostly I try my best to be positive. And I think everyone should have a optimistic approach to life. And here are my reasons:-

  1. Optimism promotes positivity: We don’t know what’s in the store for tomorrow. The attitude of being an optimist helps us to expect positive results and helps in building resilience at the time of challenges. This helps the person to welcome any kind of unexpected change hence creating a positive anticipation of future.


2. Optimism promotes productivity: It upgrades our various skills in order to fight life adversities. Optimism enhances patience. It increases your tolerance levels because it lowers the risk of you being irritated by little things. An optimist is a very approachable person. Admit it or not, you will never seek advice from a person who always thinks negative.


3. Optimism is good for the person oneself: A person will never change until they themselves realize they need to. An optimist person has control over their emotions. They have self respect, self confidence and self esteem. They are humble, happy, satisfied and thankful to their life. It promotes bonding between different individuals. A  Harvard School of Public Health study found that People who tend to look on the bright side have fewer heart problems, such as cardiovascular disease. They also have better cholesterol readings: In a separate survey of nearly 1,000 middle aged men and women, those who reported higher levels of optimism had lower levels of triglycerides, or less fat in the blood. In short, optimism promotes physical, mental and social well being!


4. World needs more Optimists: Our world already have too many problems to deal with like people killing people, global warming, friends betraying friends, deforestation etc. Its painful to be a pessimist in this already dull world. So be the person who makes someone smile. Promise yourself to not be the killer of hope but be that ray of hope. To be the ray of hope in this world of Despair. A perfect example of pessimistic attitude is fat shaming. Psychologists have done a lot of research on this, and the evidence is very clear Fat shaming DOES NOT motivate people, but makes them feel terrible about themselves and actually causes them to eat more and gain more weight.


Thank you guys for reading. Don’t forget to share your opinions, like and share this blog! Have a great week ahead. Hereby sharing one of my favorite quote by none other than Martin Luther King Jr



The Act of Swearing

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great last week. Mine was amazing though 😉

Swearing in today’s world is not a big deal. Everybody will be like “Duh, everyone swears!” Not everyone does! At least I don’t. And I know many of you don’t too. Good. To be honest, I am surrounded with people who swear and try to act cool when they swear. In fact, one of my friend can string the swears rhyming together with a smooth sounding flow……  which leaves the listener wanting for more… lol no way 😀

So today I will share my opinions about Swearing

  1. Benefits of Swearing: YES! You read it right! Swearing has benefits. When my friend told me I thought it was rubbish until I searched it in google. One study showed people who swear have a larger vocabulary than others. Another group of researchers has claimed swearing is a harmless emotional release which could make you feel stronger. So the more you swear, you will free better inside 😉


2. It doesn’t resolve the issue though: I have witnessed many fights which get started due to swears and even ending up in killing each other. Hence no matter which high qualified cursing you use, it will not help you to resolve the issue anyway. Moreover, no matter whose fault it is, if you are using too much cussing, you’ll be automatically judged as the “Bad person”


3. It becomes part of your life intentionally or unintentionally: Imagine the scenario: You are in your home with your family, when your mom asks whether you want ice cream and you scream “F***ing yeah, I love ice cream!” Ew, isn’t it? “It just happened and not my fault” you may think it but remember, its the release of emotion from your mouth which made you feel better but left others uncomfortable


4. People think it makes them look cool: Does it really? My best friend who I mentioned earlier having amazing talent of swear, I love her because she is such a sweet heart, so caring, honest, loyal person I am ever gonna meet and not because she was looking cool while swearing lol. Yes, I do want her to use it as minimally as possible and she understands me and trying her best. I don’t find swearing offensive at all! You know what is more offensive? Cheating, back stabbing, lying, and giving false hopes….


So what do I conclude from this topic? Yes, you can swear but remember it will not resolve the issue and ends up becoming a habit. A cute information about me: I do swear but it’s not technically swear. Swearing means use of offensive language. The words that I use are not OFFENSIVE. I have listed down the examples for your better understanding. The underlined words are “My so called offensive words”

  1. You’re such a momos.
  2. Why are you acting like a bobos

Yes they are not the swear words exactly but are zero percent offensive and more fun 😉

Have a great week ahead! Share your thoughts in comment box na ddon’t forget to like and share!