Why so Angry Homo Sapiens?

Hello everyone! How are you guys? Hope you all are doing fine. May the Almighty give you the grace to deal your problems more wisely. Yes by wisely I meant using that so called common sense instead of being aggressive.

Personally I am not a big fan of Anger. If someone shouts at me, I feel terrible. And imagine the pain if that someone is the person I love. I am sure the same happens with everyone. Even though you didn’t drop a tear outside, you have already died a thousand times inside. However anger was not taken very seriously until in recent years when people started taking lives of other person because they lost temper. Yes, I am not at all kidding. Check out the sites given below and read out this horror story yourself.

Angry Delhi: How city makes mountain out of molehill, draws blood for nothing

Sad, isn’t it? We will never know the depth of a problem as long as some humans doesn’t loose their life. This reports are just few examples. Who knows how many such reports went unnoticed. People would think twice before disagreeing because who knows whether they will be alive to say next sentence 😐
To be honest, I don’t think its just a Delhi problem. Anger is everywhere in different forms. I am just trying to point out it by giving example of my city. It breaks my heart to admit the fact that in my city a petty disagreement with almost anyone can land me into a big trouble. Dama
So in today’s post, let’s relish our memories about anger. What is anger, according to you? According to me, its a sudden outburst of emotions which gives a temporary relief and lifelong regret. If you agree with me, we are on the same page, YAY!  If you want to add something more in my definition, please use comment box. Thank you! Now some facts about anger: –

1. The damage caused by anger is too much than we think: I am sure the makers of Hydrogen bomb blasted in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have never thought it will have such big impact. Did they ever slept peacefully? Have they ever thought how will they recreate the destroyed…. Now imagine yourself in their place. Throwing anger like bombs and in process hurting a lot of people. It’s horrible.


2. When in anger, we cross the line between the right and the wrong: The dominant anger will blindfold your brain, manipulate your heart. In short, your common sense will stop working. The person you will find right is you yourself and by the time you’ll understand your mistake, it will be too late.

3. It causes a lot of damage to yourself: It affects your health. Increase in blood pressure, risk of heart diseases, stress, depression, loosing the people who care about you… I don’t think I need to say more?

So what can we do?
Simple. Whenever I get angry, I start taking deep breaths for… 5 seconds and the next moment I am back to normal. I know it sounds so stupid and lame. But it is so true and effective. You guys should try this too! Or share your little tricks to keep your anger at bay. The other thing we can do I observe. Look around you. Do you know anyone who looses temper easily. That may be the person you love most (yes even you yourself). Talk to your elders about this or get professional/medical help.
The last but not the least, spread the word! Let everyone know what a small anger outburst can cost us.  So please like 😊 comment 😁 share 😇 follow 😉

Catch you all soon. Next week!


The Revengers, Alert!

First of all, I want to apologize to all my readers for not posting for about almost a month and assure you this won’t happen again ever. Still not feeling better? Maybe my cute pic will make you feel better


Feel better?The biggest similarity between this pic and my pic is the fact both are incredibly adorable. Only problem is that I’m self declared adorable and this puppies are World declared adorable :’D

Well then, let’s get started. With another Real topic. A club started by “God knows who” to destroy one’s life. The club that is manipulating people to believe that they can make situation better. Unfortunately many of us are the members of this club? Check this out and witness the terror yourself!

How are you all feeling? Are you sad? Are you unhappy? Did someone break your tiny winy ego? Do want you teach them a lesson? Want them to taste their own medicine? Of all the ways you can do it, the best way to take revenge is by joining

The Revengers Club

Motto of the club: Vengeance! Revenge! Tit for tat! Eye for an eye! Tooth for a tooth!


  • Member should not be smart or be around smart people
  • Member should have a bad temper
  • Member should never use his/her common sense (In case if they have one)

Benefits of Joining The Revengers Club

  1. No membership charges: Yes Guys, its FREE FREE FREE! Anyone can be the member but no one can leave this club.


2. What will you gain: Lots of Stress, dissatisfaction, turmoil in life, weight and lots of interesting stuffs*. You will keeping feeding yourself with other’s sorrows but this club will make sure that you’re never satisfied and your life gets F**ked up


3. What will you loose: Peace, happiness, love, family, friends and other unnecessary evils


*Terms and conditions apply
Karma is not in our control. So don’t blame us if anything happens to you in process.

I don’t know what to see.  Homo sapiens (human beings) are those organisms in the earth who know the difference between right and wrong and yet choose wrong because they refuse to think! The above given ad about the revenge is not something we don’t know. Its just that we want to hurt someone because they hurt our tiny winy ego. Now listen carefully :

  • Revenge sounds sweet, but it isn’t so: While seeking revenge, a person refuses to use their common sense and instead wastes their precious time in plotting a plan against the other person. While seeking revenge, a person becomes manipulative,  stupid and emotion less. And when I say emotion less, that means the person is dead inside.


  • Being the Avenger is not so cool in real life: (I love Marvel but right now I’m not talking about that!) Fighting evil with equivalent evil act does not justify you. Seeking to repay the lose done to you ultimately makes you no better than the one against whom you’re taking vengeance.


  • Revenge makes situation worse: Revenge is so powerful that it can steal your peace, happiness, love and meaning of life. It will make you empty inside. You will not understand what is to be around the loved ones. Hurting others can never make anyone happy. And if a person says he does it to satisfy himself, he’s lying.


  • Even after taking revenge, you’ll be dissatisfied: How many of you can lie me that you took revenge and you felt really great. You finally tortured someone and that was the best moment of your life. You can lie to me but you can’t lie to yourself. Revenge is dissatisfaction is disguise. Its fruitless, tasteless and futile. Waste of your precious time which ends up making you dead inside.


Guys, we should stop this. Stop being the revenge seekers. And if you know anyone who is seeking revenge stop them as soon as possible! Catch you next Sunday with another catchy topic. Until then take care and do what I told you, PLEASE! Thank you!

(And I will appreciate some great comments and lot of likes. Anyway, chillax cause I won’t try to seek revenge 😀 )