When My Mood Swings

When my mood swings, nothing will be fine
Cause they don't know the line between wrong and right
They'll make me do things all day till night
Which I'm gonna regret all my life.

But still I will do whatever my dear mood says
I'll push away common sense if it comes down my way
"Why are you doing this stupidity?" if somebody asks
I'll simply reply "I love guilty pleasure tasks!"

So without wasting too much of time,
I started making a mountain out of molehill,
The issues that I've forgotten long ago
Suddenly started to matter me!

Tears started to roll down my eyes
For a reason only God knows why?
Fitting in the tag for Damsel in distress
I myself contribute in building up the stress.

I shouted, I screamed, I ate a lot
And always believe "I'm not gonna regret this at all"
But when the whirl wind of common sense knocked me bad
Regrets, regrets and fat is all I had!

"This damage is beyond repair" when shouted my brain
"It still can be restored again" whispered by faith
So holding the hands of some lovely people
I decide to get up and improve my situation.

Things won't be the same I know
Neither it will be easy as it was till day
But as long as you're not a slave of your moods,
You're ready for anything, anytime on any day!

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