What is Failure?


It was a cool Saturday morning. I was sipping my green tea and quite lost in my lovely thoughts until unwillingly rescued to the present by the unpleasant voice of Mr Dyeria asking “Hello! How you doing?”. With a fake smile plastered in my face I was dying to reply “Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you” but ended up saying “Great! What about you?”. He sighed and replied that he is very sad, something I didn’t believe until he revealed the real reason. JohnDiz, His son, failed an admission exam of a well reputed college. He has just failed one exam and already tagged as a ‘Failure’ by his relatives and even his parents. With a deep conversation with him, I realized depth of his fear for failure.

After the conversation, when i got back into the room, I recalled that they are not the only people who fret failure. I remembered the time when I was in same situation as JohnDiz and suddenly every stranger in the street was concerned about my future and giving their precious advice like “Study Harder! Stop watching T.V! Don’t waste your time listening music! Forget to sleep, keep studying day and night! Eat almonds two times a day! Don’t eat junk food! etc“. I was living model of Failure. People pointed at me and warned their children (sometimes in front of me) that if they didn’t study, they¬† will become a failure, like me. With all the grace and courage I had, I accepted their judgements. Best of all, I have parents who were disappointed but never stopped believing in me and always there as my strength. And from that day, still now conquering through this journey. I realize how important it is to make everyone realize that Failure is not something avoidable but something everyone will face. So hereby I dedicate my first blog for everyone who like JohnDiz are/were/will be victimized as “Failure” at some point of life (You have my sincere empathy) or like Mr. Dyeria tag others as “Failure” (You all have my deepest sympathies) explaining its importance.

1. Failure is temporary, giving up is permanent:¬† For everyone’s disbelief, when I got admission, my failure was not a matter of concern from everyone. I am not that role model anymore, nobody wasted their time anymore, advising me what should I do to improve my score. So why I am telling you this? To point the fact that just because you failed in your first attempt doesn’t stop you from giving it another try! But at the same time, when we give up on a task, we ourselves are shutting any chances of success and thus it will remain forever as a memento of our failure.

2. Failure brings you closer to success: “Failure is a step closer to success” I never understood what it meant until I experienced it. A failure or a series of Failure like Edison’s 10,000 attempts to create a light bulb, teaches us something and in that learning take us one step closer to success. So if you want success, you HAVE TO embrace failure with same interest.


3. Failure is Lesson: Failure is fretted so much because it puts us in a uncomfortable situation and showing us something that we don’t want to see- Our FAULTS. It teaches us how to deal with an unfavorable outcome, provides us a chance to know what went wrong subsequently erasing our fear to fail. Hence, it gives us the rewards of courage, experience and positive mindset. Your efforts are not getting wasted!

4. Last but not the least, you’re not a failure as long as you believe in yourself: When I had my encounter with failure, I thought I lost everything but somewhere in my heart I believed that I will get over it. So there will be times when your neighbor, relatives, siblings, parents or even me (I won’t, Duh!) calling you failure it shouldn’t matter. What matters is what do you think about yourself. Its your choice whether want to learn from your mistakes and embrace success or give up and later regret.

Now again mustering all the courage I have, I am going to explain all this to Mr Dyeria. Yeah so have your deepest empathy and sympathies for me and don’t forget to share your thoughts! Catch you soon. Until then, take care Cuppycakes!