Its okay to fall in Love With Yourself!

Hello my dear fellas! How worn out are you? Feeling life is getting harder and merciless day by day? Do you feel like everything is going out of your control? But still you’re living it? Hmmm, seems like your life is making you stronger and preparing for the worst. Hey, I know its hard and I’ve no right to say how to live your life. But recently some instances proved me that we humans are experts while solving others problems but when it comes to our problems, we either fail to sort it out well or solve it in the worst way possible. Stop blaming yourself or hating yourself, because you’re not the only person suffering from this.

I recently met Pansy (that’s not her real name obviously) who told me that her problems in life are not small, petty issues. According to her, she lost the balance of a life when the love of her life, the only person she loved most, her boyfriend, Mr. Worthless (that’s what he is in real life) left her because she is fat. Now he is going to marry another lady. Pansy got so much depressed that she was admitted. Worst part: She believes God and her parents are responsible for this. She still wants to be worthless and won’t let anyone say a word against him. Pansy will never admit the fact that even though she loved him but he only lusted for her. I am not angry but really feel bad for her. I have no right to say what should she do. Since a share a therapeutic relationship with her, the only thing I can do is counsel.

“You’ll never understand what I feel. Don’t get me wrong, but you never fell in love.”

That’s what she told me when I tried to counsel her. I didn’t say anything at that time because for the time being I thought she was right. I never got into a relationship. Even though I was in love it was worst phase of my life. But then I realize that she was wrong.

Being in a relationship isn’t something that only a couple can have, something that only involves kissing, dates and showing off. Its about being with someone who accepts you as you are, where you are happy, where nobody judges you and you can express yourself without the fear of being judged. But unfortunately the relationship with our family and friends is the most ignored relationship. We take them for granted (sometimes I do that). But by witnessing Pansy’s parents unconditional love for her I realized how self indulgent. I am. I care about the people who don’t even know I exist but I don’t care about the people who love me more than I deserve. But then that is what we all humans do, right?


With my family which includes my parents, brother, grandparents and all the uncles and aunts, I’ve ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ type relationship. Yes, we do fight, but then I can’t imagine my life without them. As for my friends, I do admit I’m the worst friend who fails to express her love but always will be there when they need me. I don’t have many friends but whomever I have, they are too precious to be lost. We have this crazy relationship with each other and can totally depend on each other.

So back to the objective of today’s blog. For those who think life is so unfair to you, tired of resolving your problems, you can try all this and I assure you, You’ll feel better. So please read this article till the end and do suggest your opinions: –

  1. Talk it out to your family: Lets say that you might face difficulty in telling every single person in your family your feelings, but still there will be always that one person on whom you can count on. It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother or anyone who you think won’t judge you and most importantly will keep it a secret.


2. Talk to your friend: We all have that one best friend we know are very good in keeping secrets and won’t judge for what we are. Even you must be having one. Don’t shy away. Talk to them. Tell how are you feeling. Express your issues, concerns and fears, they may not be able to give you an accurate solution but at least they will patiently listen to you! And omg trust me this one works really well. Your stressed up mind may get relieved and will get calm for sometime.


3. Write it down in a paper: Take a paper and pen and start writing down whatever you are feeling. Don’t take a break or leave it incomplete. Keep writing as long as you haven’t expressed yourself fully. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling mistakes. After writing it, read it (if you want to) then tear it down (so that nobody can read it). This was not as effective as talking to the friend but yes it did help me a lot. How it will help if you’re asking; it will help you to introspect yourself, your problems and finally give you many reasons to fall in love with yourself, again. 🙂


4. And finally, don’t give up: Life is hard. It always was. Just ask yourself: What was easy in your life? Was school life easy? Was college life easy? Keeping up with friends is easy? Tolerating pollution is easy? Witnessing human stupidity is easy? College life was/is easy? But you did it! You are a brave fighter. Keep on fighting. And don’t you ever think that you’re alone in this. Your family, friends and your well wishers are with you, every time. So keep believing in yourself.


Make sure to read this, like, comment and please share as more as possible. Catch you all again. Until then, take care all you brave hearts! And yes, do pray for Pansy!


What Makes You Beautiful


Does title remind me something? Oh yes it did!

Recently while talking to my friend, she revealed me that she is going to meet her boyfriend and wants to make this meet ‘special’. Personally, I never had a relationship but I don’t know how but I am quite good at ‘Romantic Counseling’. With a confident smirk plastered in my face and straightened myself, ready to give her another round of Romantic Counseling when she asked me “Suggest me a dress that will make me look more pretty”.


I was dumbstruck. I never ever thought an intelligent woman like her will ever think that its a dress that makes everyone pretty. As her best friend, I decided to knock some sense in her otherwise active brain. Since the Cannes Festival was the latest thing I can think of, I asked her to choose “Best Dressed Celebrity” according to her. My friend chose Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Now I asked her to just imagine this same gown hanging by just a hanger. Will it still look as pretty as it is looking right now on Aishwarya. And the flushed look on my friend’s face indicated that she has realized her mistake. But before she starts the “Sorry Drama” I decided to share my handy fashion and style tips:-

  1. Experimenting: I may have no idea how I became a good romantic counselor but I know how I know how I became the fashion and style expert of my college 😉 Though let me reveal this to you: The journey was not at all easy. I, a mere human girl have also made fashion blunders that left many with lol or rofl. But as I mentioned in my last post, I learned from my mistakes! I insist everyone should experiment with their looks not for others but for Yourself. Always try something new and different. It may or may not impress others, but it feels SO GOOD! Its like you’re pampering yourself, knowing yourself. Its an amazing feeling which I don’t know how to verbalize!


2. Your comfort zone: Yeah, I told you to experiment. But being comfortable is also a very important priority. Make sure whenever you wear anything it should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure that you are comfortable with the items that you choose to wear because when you feel great, you look great! It even boosts your confidence. When you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it shows. No matter how beautiful your dress is if you are uneasy in it, you will not feel glamorous. You will look worried too. And remember, you will not have fun if you keep on thinking that there is something wrong with how you look.

3. Do what you love: Don’t be blinded by brands.One of the things that I dislike about my brother is his obsession with Brands. He only buys branded clothes as he believes branded things have quality which I don’t believe entirely. Yes, I do appreciate brands but I will buy and wear whatever I love. They may not be necessarily part of popular brands as well as expensive but they make me feel amazing.
4. Last but not the least, it all depends upon YOU: At last, what matters is how YOU carry your outfit i.e your confidence, boldness, fearlessness and love for yourself! Remember, no clothes, no make up, no hair style will make you beautiful until and unless you feel it… Inside ❤
Now as a way to know how much my friend understood my tips, I will be taking her for shopping and she will select her clothes herself while I myself buy some clothes. I don’t have anything to wear, Duh! Take care everyone, catch you next sunday! Don’t forget to like, comment and share!